When to Establish a Co Packer Partnership?

Getting Busy?
So your business is booming and you are limited on time, resources and at a dead end. You are concerned about marketing, staffing, logistics, and all other cost’s and what direction to go in. We have a solution. A contract packer, or co-packer, is a company that manufactures and packages foods or similar products for their clients. To market and distribute, a co packer works under contract with the hiring company to manufacture goods as though the products were manufactured directly by the hiring company. Co-packers are married to your product. They make it for you. They heat up the kettle, preheat the oven, and package it. And some of them even do all of the ordering of your ingredients. That’s an incredible amount of control for your company. Putting that much trust into a team can be a frightening experience. And a relationship you don’t want to jeopardise. But when it flows right you will kick yourself for not doing it earlier.


Why are co packers beneficial to me?
Partnerships with co packers can be effortless, especially if they don’t need a guarantee of volume, this might be hard to find. Hoxton Industries in Sydney is one that will not discriminate on volume. You don’t need large equipment costs or trouble yourself with staffing as these are already taken care of. Going with a co-packer allows you to focus on selling and building a brand. If your brand is planning to extend into many varieties of products that require a similar process, the investment in partnering with a co packer will be manageable and you will have the ability to bring new products to market very quickly and relatively inexpensively. You will dictate the terms and lead times, maximising productivity, costing and structure. This model is more attractive to help free up valuable time to concentrate on keeping the company well established in marketing and other channels, not to mention the headaches.

Where and who can do this in Sydney?
Hoxton Industries, located in the south west of Sydney has been co packing for over 50 years. No matter how large or small your job is they can do it all. Have an understanding for requirements needed for major retailers across Australia. Employing people with disabilities and are a non for profit social enterprise. The best partnerships are the ones that make thing easy.

Author: George Boutros General manager The co packing expert.


Make your First Impressions Count with Sydney Packaging Solutions

No matter how practical or useful your product may be, it’s often the first visual impression of your product that can attract customers towards it. This is why it is important to consider who is handling your packaging needs to make sure that you are getting the most out of your products visual selling points.


There are many different forms of packaging to choose from, some of which offer protection, visibility and/or practicality. These are things that need to be considered when you choose a form of packaging for your product.

Is your product easily damaged? Does it need a high level of protection? Does it need a smaller level of protection and a higher focus on visibility? Is it bright, oddly shaped or visually appealing?

These are all questions to ask yourself when it comes to choosing the right packaging method. You want your packaging to make a good visual impression to the customer while also serving practical and protective purposes. A reliable Sydney packaging company can help you address these questions and offer you a knowledgeable choice of solutions.

Some of the Sydney packaging solutions that you have to choose from include

Shrink wrapping – Shrink wrapping can be a good packaging choice if you have a product which you want to keep visible and do not want the packaging to obstruct the view of the product.

Clamshell – Clamshell packaging is a popular solution used in retail as it offers you a bit more protection but your product is still visible through the clear shell.

Skin packaging – Skin packaging is called this because it is done by putting special transparent plastic over your product and vacuuming the air out, with the plastic essentially becoming a skin over your product. This packaging solution also offers your product protection and visibility.

Shelf ready packaging – This solution a good way to promote your product through the use of logos and graphics that can both draw the customer and promote your brand.

Choosing a Sydney packaging company can save you time and hassle through the expert knowledge that can help you decide on the perfect packaging for your product. Through years of knowledge and practical experience, a reliable Sydney packaging company can collaboratively address your needs and help you meet your deadlines without sacrificing any quality.

This means that your first impressions will still be fresh and attractive with the right packaging method carried out by trustworthy professionals.

Hoxton has been a packaging company for over 40 years, with experience packaging, kitting, re-working and palletizing all in the one place. Hoxton has done work for companies such as OGX, BOC and Freedom Foods. Hoxton can offer you reliable Sydney packaging solutions while helping you to make that knock out the first impression.

Author: Arielle Jones, making your first impressions count

Safe Container Unloading

The creation and transportation of your products are a big investment, so you want to know that they are in the best possible hands. After your products have made it to their destination, they will need to be unloaded from their container by a service that you know you can trust.


As the supplier, you firstly need to make sure that your container is packed to a safe standard. This includes making sure it is packed to prevent any loose, unstable items falling, palletising your products and using sheet material.

There are then many safety concerns that need to be looked at when container unloading, as well as considerations of the weight and how the container is packed. Other considerations you may have is the productive use of your time and money, as you want your products unpacked and ready both quickly and undamaged.

This is why using a container unloading service with years of experience can be the best option to choose. An experienced container unloading service has to adhere to strict WHS policies, that with all their experience, they are very familiar with. An experienced container unloading service will unload your container while keeping both the individuals and your products safe.

So who can you trust with your container?

Hoxton Industries is a packaging company that has over 40 years’ experience and offers an expert container unloading service. Hoxton can unload your container, store your products and even complete any re-work that may need to be done!

Author: Arielle Jones, keeping your products safe.

Privacy Through Specialised Security Shredding

Privacy, one of the biggest thoughts and concerns that come to mind when you think of running a business. Whether it is documents about your employees, suppliers, customers or your business itself, it is vital to make sure that these documents are disposed of in the most secure and safe way possible.


If you don’t ensure your documents are destroyed properly you could face fines and a damaged reputation. This is why your best option is to outsource to a specialised security shredding service.

To avoid this you need to find the right service for you. A premium service can offer you:

  • Security and privacy
  • Convenience
  • Ongoing services

To achieve privacy and security you need a service that has strict policies in place with reputable experience in specialised security shredding. You need to know that from your office to the place of destruction, your private information is being kept just that, private.

To achieve convenience you may want a service that is close to your place of work or that can offer the pick-up and safe transportation of your documents. A convenient service can also offer you a secure cabinet to be kept in your workplace to store all of your documents waiting to be picked up.

If a service can offer you these things then they might be your choice for an ongoing service that will regularly pick up your documents, destroy them and keep a close working relationship with your business.

Here at Hoxton, we have years of experience in specialised security shredding. Hoxton will shred your documents, media and records with the guarantee of privacy and security. Hoxton offers a secure storage and pick-up service for your private documents and media. Check out Hoxton’s Facebook and website for more information.

Author; Arielle Jones, Making your privacy needs #1

The Future of Packaging: Get Shelf Ready!

Shelf ready packaging (SRP) is on the rise as an extremely popular form of packaging, you might even say it’s the future of packaging..


Stores such as Woolworths and Coles have been adopting shelf ready packaging and increasing its volume as it proves to be an effective and efficient packaging solution.

So what is shelf ready packaging

Shelf ready packaging means the product is packed in to a box that is ready to shelf and sell. Shelf ready packaging is easier to restock, dispose of and can assist in the projection of your brands imagery.

What makes SRP the future..

This method of packaging is increasingly popular do to its efficiency. Shelf ready packaging is favoured by stores due to its easy stocking and disposal. This means that stores can stock your product by the box instead of individually, saving time for the store. This also can equate to reduced losses in your products as they are not being individually handled.

Shelf ready packaging is favoured by suppliers as it allows for them to promote their product and attract an audience through an increased visibility and a large canvas for your eye catching designs. Shelf ready packaging allows for increased visibility with a large canvas to work with. More elaborate colour schemes and graphics can attract your customers and seal the deal!

Who can provide me with shelf ready packaging..

The future is moving closer and shelf ready packaging is increasingly popular, so if you think that this is a packaging method that you want, you’ll need to find a reliable packaging company. Whether you’re new to shelf ready packaging or just looking for a new packaging service, trustworthy and reliable service is what you need.

Hoxton Industries has been assisting companies with their packaging needs for over 40 years. Hoxton is experienced and reliable. With close access to the M7 and M5, Hoxton Industries is a strong choice. You can check out their website and Facebook for contact information.

Author: Arielle Jones, Keeping you up with the future of packaging…

Choosing Your Retail Packaging Solutions With Hoxton Industries

There are many retail packaging solutions to be considered, and the solution you choose can assist in selling your product. But how do you come to a decision with so many different kinds of packaging?

It’s time for you to create a partnership with a packaging company who can assist you with their vast knowledge of packaging solutions. Once you find a reliable partner, they can offer you a range of different packaging solutions and advise which one might be best for your kind of product.

Packaging companies can offer you many types of solutions that can enhance your products visibility as well as offer protection against tampering, these include…

Shelf-Ready packaging


This has become an increasingly popular form of packaging that can be found in a majority of major retailers. It has become popular as it is easy to stock and replenish, produces less waste and increases the visibility of your product.



Shrink Wrapping

This has been a popular and constant method of packaging. This method of packaging is popular due to its versatility, as the packaging can fit around products of any shape. The packaging also gets its popularity due to the visibility of the product inside. It means that your product is completely visible to the customer and is visually appealing to the customer while still protected.

Clamshell Packaging

This method of packaging involves encasing your product in a protective plastic shell. This type of packaging is popular for retail as it still allows for visibility but offers a high level of protection again tampering and damage.

These are just some of the retail packaging solutions that you could consider. A reliable and experiences packaging service can offer you much more information and solutions for your packaging needs.

Hoxton Industries is a packaging company with other 40 years of experience. They can offer you a range of packaging solutions and help with your decision making. You can check out their website and their Facebook or contact them by phone on (02) 9607 6159.

Author:  Arielle Jones, helping you choose the right packaging service…


Jobs For All Levels Of Disability – Hoxton

All can be accomplished

People with disabilities have ability; the level of ability should not discriminate their goals and achievements. Being able to be fit in the workplace and feel they have contributed in day to day activities, no matter the level of disability they have. Records show that relatively few people so far have been transferred from the workshops to the “integrated employment settings”. Why is this? Many people can speculate, but I believe it to be the level of comfort, support and social activities these ADE’s give its employees.  Being welcomed and not having to fear the unknown. Making friends, going on outings, celebrating everything that can be celebrated. Living life to its fullest.


How can this be?

A non for profit organisation that employ’s jobs for people with disabilities.
An ADE is Non for Profit, regardless of some negative thoughts on the actual terminology. “Sheltered Workshops” are run for its employees. All funds go back to the employee’s full stop. This is truly a place where employees call home and a place to belong without prejudice.

The Future with disabilities is bright

At Hoxton Industries, they encourage and train its employees to move out to integrated employment, until now. With Changes coming in to the NDIS in 2016, Hoxton Industries are trialling integrated employment in reverse. They are bringing in able bodies to work alongside people with disabilities. Keeping the employees comfort, goals, culture and achievement’s at Hoxton. Will it work?  Only time will tell.


Author: George Boutros: Hoxton Industries; moving into tomorrow, today. 

The 3 C’s of Container Unloading Services Australia

When it comes to container unloading, there are so many companies to choose from out there it can be a headache. You want to make sure that your product is in the most capable hands. When you look at choosing a service you should consider the 3 C’s, cost effective, convenient and committed.


Cost Effective
When transporting and unloading your goods, the transportation can take up a large portion of your budget. To save money on your transportation, a service that is located in an easily accessible place in Sydney can benefit you. You also need to find yourself a company that can offer you competitive, cost effective rates for their container unloading services.

Convenience should play a large role in your choice of container unloading services. This means that the company that you choose to provide this service is conveniently located and can offer you all the services you need. This could include more services that you may need such as storage or re-work. Finding one company that can achieve this all is more convenient and effective for your company.

Lastly, you want to find somewhere that is committed to the quality of their work and to customer satisfaction. Finding a company that can offer you a committed and loyal service means that you can establish a strong, ongoing relationship with a company that you know you can trust with your products. When you find the right company for your container unloading and build a relationship with that company, you’ll no longer have to worry the headache of not knowing who to choose.   

So who can offer you the 3 C’s? Hoxton Industries has years of experience to offer in packaging and warehousing services. Hoxton Industries can offer you container unloading, as well as storage, re-work and packaging services. Hoxton Industries is located conveniently near the m5 and m7 and con offers you competitive prices to suit your needs.

Make sure to check out Hoxton’s Facebook and website for more information.

Shelf Ready Packaging is Growing in Australia, In Fact, Has Overtaken – Hoxton

Be Shelf Ready

Retailers continue to push into this area. All the large big retailers insist that all packaging be shelf ready. Packaging provides their business with benefits such as better on-shelf availability through the better stock rotation and reduced waste. Shelf ready packaging Sydney has become a standard and design teams from several Australian packaging Companies specifically design new ways to display these products. As more and more products are being introduced to the market every year, displaying and marketing the products on the shelves is fast becoming a nightmare not just for the retailers but also for manufacturers, therefore, to address this issue various Australian packaging companies have turned to shelf ready packaging.


Advantages of SRP

Various Australian packaging manufacturers also cited that shelf ready packaging is easy to dispose, easy to open and provides easy identification especially for products with numerous stock keeping units (SKU), not to mention how easy it is for outlets to rotate and replenish the display. Other benefits that shelf friendly packaging gives as is it requires no additional corrugated case and being fully recyclable this greatly reduces carbon footprints and lesser waste to landfills which is beneficial to the environment. Three major ones are time saved in stocking shelves and warehousing costs (which help retailers) and more colourful displays (benefiting both retailers and manufacturers), or point of sale displays.

Who, How & Where?

When considering retail ready packaging for your products, it is beneficial to refer to the established notes, rules and regulations from retailers for shelf ready packaging. These are factors as, are they easy to identify? Is it easy to open? Is it easy to put on the shelves? Does it dispose easily? If this is too much to take in, partner with a company like Hoxton Industries who have dealt with shelf ready packaging since 2005, when SRP all began. Hoxton Industries is located in Sydney South West. Specialising in maximising all your needs, offering a solution to all your packaging, rework and manufacturing. 

George Boutros; Marketing and Business Development at Hoxton IndustriesHelping companies maximise efficiency in packaging solutions with shelf ready packaging.


How Security Shredding Benefits Your Business

As a business you will have confidential information, whether it be employee information or information related to your finances, products etc. If you are just throwing these documents in to a bin, this could leave you open to the theft of information and could hurt your business.

Don’t let the idea of your information being stolen stress you out when there is a simple solution. Specialised security shredding is one of the safest and most efficient ways to dispose of your companies private documents.

Specialised security shredding for your business means…


  • Privacy
  • Professionalism
  • Risk free disposal

Privacy :

Specialised security shredding will ensure the privacy of all your important and confidential information. This means that any information related to your business is kept within your company and is not easily susceptible to theft.

Professionalism : :
Specialised security shredding is a service that your company can outsource to another company that are experts in this field. Outsourcing your security shredding to expert services works to ensure this privacy is kept, with professional and efficient destruction procedures being followed.

Risk Free Disposal :
Outsourcing your security shredding to a company that prides itself on this professionalism means you are eliminating risks that you could face if you were to dispose of your documents in house. If you work in a busy environment where security shredding is not one of your main focus’ of your business, you could risk documents being missed or not disposed of in the most secure fashion.

This is why outsourcing is the most reliable way to get your documents or media securely destroyed.

So who can get this done for you?

Hoxton Industries employs a team of skilled workers who specialise in security shredding and can destroy your documents and media promptly, efficiently and safely. Hoxton Industries can offer pick up services for your documents or they can be delivered to our site.

Check out our website or call (02) 9607 6159 to talk to us about your security shredding needs.


Author: Arielle Jones; Helping keep your business safe