Power of Specialised Security Shredding


If you run a business you are bound to be overloaded with files and paperwork, all which will eventually need to be disposed of. You could throw them away in the bin without a second thought, but what about privacy.

Power of Specialised Security Shredding

Privacy is one of the biggest concerns that both individuals and companies may have when it comes to the disposal of important personal and commercial documents.

Documents can contain personal details, sensitive financial information or information about the running of your business that you do not want to fall in to the hands of the wrong person. If your documents fall into the hands of the wrong person you could be dealing with anything from company secrets being in the hands of your rivals to identity theft.

Having a company that specialises in security shredding can be your best friend in this situation. So what are some of the benefits of having a company take and shred your confidential documents and media.

Having a company destory your documents and media for you offers convenience. A company that specialises in security shredding can offer you a pick up service for your documents and media that need destroying. A reliable company may also be able to offer you a document storage cabinet which they will come and empty on an agreed scheduel. This means you will not have to worry about what to do with your documents and where to take them, you will have the convenience of that being sorted out for you.

Having a company destroy your documents and media for you also means you can rest easy about security. Having a company experienced in specialised security shredding means that they will have set policies and procedures in place to complete the destruction of your documents and media in the safest and most secure way possible.

If you are looking for convenience and security, Hoxton can offer you these things with an experienced pick up security shredding service in the Liverpool, Campbeltown and Fairfield area. Hoxton has over 30 years of experience in specialised security shredding and can offer you a pick up service with a storage cabinet for your documents. Hoxton can also offer you a secure service with guarenteed safe destruction. Check out the Hoxton Facebook and Website for more information.

Author; Arielle Jones, keeping your information safe and secure


Privacy Through Specialised Security Shredding

Privacy, one of the biggest thoughts and concerns that come to mind when you think of running a business. Whether it is documents about your employees, suppliers, customers or your business itself, it is vital to make sure that these documents are disposed of in the most secure and safe way possible.


If you don’t ensure your documents are destroyed properly you could face fines and a damaged reputation. This is why your best option is to outsource to a specialised security shredding service.

To avoid this you need to find the right service for you. A premium service can offer you:

  • Security and privacy
  • Convenience
  • Ongoing services

To achieve privacy and security you need a service that has strict policies in place with reputable experience in specialised security shredding. You need to know that from your office to the place of destruction, your private information is being kept just that, private.

To achieve convenience you may want a service that is close to your place of work or that can offer the pick-up and safe transportation of your documents. A convenient service can also offer you a secure cabinet to be kept in your workplace to store all of your documents waiting to be picked up.

If a service can offer you these things then they might be your choice for an ongoing service that will regularly pick up your documents, destroy them and keep a close working relationship with your business.

Here at Hoxton, we have years of experience in specialised security shredding. Hoxton will shred your documents, media and records with the guarantee of privacy and security. Hoxton offers a secure storage and pick-up service for your private documents and media. Check out Hoxton’s Facebook and website for more information.

Author; Arielle Jones, Making your privacy needs #1

How Security Shredding Benefits Your Business

As a business you will have confidential information, whether it be employee information or information related to your finances, products etc. If you are just throwing these documents in to a bin, this could leave you open to the theft of information and could hurt your business.

Don’t let the idea of your information being stolen stress you out when there is a simple solution. Specialised security shredding is one of the safest and most efficient ways to dispose of your companies private documents.

Specialised security shredding for your business means…


  • Privacy
  • Professionalism
  • Risk free disposal

Privacy :

Specialised security shredding will ensure the privacy of all your important and confidential information. This means that any information related to your business is kept within your company and is not easily susceptible to theft.

Professionalism : :
Specialised security shredding is a service that your company can outsource to another company that are experts in this field. Outsourcing your security shredding to expert services works to ensure this privacy is kept, with professional and efficient destruction procedures being followed.

Risk Free Disposal :
Outsourcing your security shredding to a company that prides itself on this professionalism means you are eliminating risks that you could face if you were to dispose of your documents in house. If you work in a busy environment where security shredding is not one of your main focus’ of your business, you could risk documents being missed or not disposed of in the most secure fashion.

This is why outsourcing is the most reliable way to get your documents or media securely destroyed.

So who can get this done for you?

Hoxton Industries employs a team of skilled workers who specialise in security shredding and can destroy your documents and media promptly, efficiently and safely. Hoxton Industries can offer pick up services for your documents or they can be delivered to our site.

Check out our website or call (02) 9607 6159 to talk to us about your security shredding needs.


Author: Arielle Jones; Helping keep your business safe

Get your Documents Secured Without Taking Risk

When it gets too high

When old, unwanted documents begin to pile up and office space becomes limited, it’s time to clean.

Document shredding hoxton

No matter the size or the type of your business – is just the start of a journey in the search of the most suitable service for your needs.  A Shredding Service for the destruction of sensitive documents has approved to the security level of “In Confidence”. The procedures of how your documentation is stored, transported, destroyed, should be cleared by the National Police.

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Types of Document Risks

Protection of personal data must be ensured because this can put the position and financial situation of the person concerned at risk. These documents involve confidential data that is restricted to a small group of people. Unwarranted giving out of information can bring a significant effect on the company and could violate legal agreements and obligations. These documents require strict requirements in terms of personal data protection to keep the individual concerned free from considerable risks to social standing and financial situation.

Document shredding hoxton2

High level of protection because of the confidentiality of data involved. Access to information requires authorization and is limited to a very small group of individuals with only. Unauthorized distribution of information can create serious consequences for the company and may infringe professional secrecy, contracts or legislation.

You may not realise this but when you throw your documents in the garbage, you are causing harm to the environment. Partnering with a company that destroys securely should have some recycled plan in place to avoid harm.

Document shredding hoxton3

Author: George Boutros, Protecting your identity

Importance of Specialised Security Shredding

It seems that all you hear about these days is the risk of cyber data breaches. But the paperless office has yet to come, and there’s still a lot of sensitive information on paper in the workplace. Computer data, CD’s and DVD’s destruction has to be done to keep you and your business safe. Fines, reputation damage and loss of sales could cost your business millions. Studies in 2015 show 1 in 5 breaches are still in fact paper, with 73% in house shredding. With companies that lack document security policies, employees lack direction and commitment for protecting confidential data. Tossing confidential data into open bins increases the risk of theft by information thieves – in and outside of the workplace. Shredding paper in house is not a reliable solution. With all these facts and figures, improper document management is a big problem. Specialised security shredding is everything you need.

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Who Can I trust?

The solution is easy: Partner with a specialised security shredding company like Hoxton Industries in the south-west of Sydney. Hoxton Industries offers all secure paper cabinets, maintained regularly scheduled off-site shredding.  At Hoxton Industries, secure document destruction is carried out by our professional and skilled employees, who take the utmost care to meet your confidential document destruction needs. You can view your document destruction at our secure site.

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So whatever you call it – document shredding, record destruction, media destruction, confidential shredding or secure document shredding – we offer a prompt, secure, confidential, efficient and professional solution; with the capability to process up to 2 tonnes of material per day.

If you’re looking for efficient and secure document destruction, call us on (02) 9607 6159 today.

For more info: www.hoxtonindustries.com.au

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Author: George Boutros; Keeping your business secure.