The Shelf Ready Packaging Dilemma

What is Shelf Ready Packaging?
Shelf ready packaging, SRP, retail ready packaging , RRP, shelf friendly packaging, SFP……. it all basically means the same – packaging your product so that it is delivered to retailers in a ready to sell format. For example rather than sending your product out in a bulk carton of 24 units that then need to be individually handled and stacked on the shelf, shelf ready packaging is the way of packaging the product into a carton or outer shell that ends up on the shelf as part of the display, eliminating the need for the shelf packer to handle individual units.

Shelf Ready Packaging

What are the Benefits?
Savvy marketers and early adopters quickly realised that these shelf ready packaging units where another opportunity to get your brand and product messages across. This tray was no longer just the cardboard used to protect the goods in transit, it was also now part of the products packaging and brand messaging. It is commonplace now to see vibrant SRP trays and units which are forming part of the eye appeal for products and there are some really clever designs which I firmly believe are still evolving.

So in short the benefits for the retailers are less handling of products and more vibrant shelf displays and shopping environments which in turn drive sales. In fact some supermarkets now, not just the bulk retailers, are insisting that all suppliers move to shelf friendly packaging. The benefits to you the supplier are the additional marketing opportunity and shelf eye space you have been given – don’t waste it!

Where do I start?
First of all get a copy of your retailer’s shelf ready packaging guidelines. Each retailer is different and you will need to make sure you adhere to them. There might be stipulations such as the size of the carton, how much of the product should be covered by the bottom lip and even what materials are preferred.

Next go to your retailer and have a look at the shelf space you intend on occupying. What are your competitors doing? Stand back – what is the most eye appealing item there and why? How do you want your packaging sit amongst all the others? You also need to consider are your customers loyal purchasers looking for your key brand messages or are you trying to attract new buyers who are looking for something innovative?

And then perhaps most importantly make sure your packaging designers consider the stability and sturdiness of your packaging for transport and movement prior to it landing on the shelf. There is no point and spending all your time and money on a beautiful packaging design if it arrives in a crumpled mess after being loading on and off trucks and placed in and out of pallet racking.

Your next step will be looking for a co-packer to assist with your shelf ready packaging in Sydney. And that’s where we come in – at Hoxton Industries we have had years of experience with assisting large and small companies with the shelf ready packaging projects. From carton displays, shrink wrapping trays, hot gluing wobblers and even assembling complex pallet size displays, we can assist no matter what your requirement is and we are only too happy to share our experience and industry knowledge – see you at the shelf!


What Type of Shrink Wrap do I get?

The term shrink wrap is a generic term often used in commercial packaging, retail packaging, food packaging, and industrial packaging. Compared to other forms of packaging, shrink wrapping is often much more affordable and often times more efficient. Another reason is the attractive appeal to the consumer on the retail shelf.  To maximise space, maximising on cost and shelf appeal makes it the new way to package just about anything.

Hoxton industries- packaging Solution

All of the types of shrink wrap listed below require heat to be applied for the material to begin shrinking.

Tube Shrink

The main difference between shrink tubing and shrink sleeves is shrink tubing is often on a continuous roll. Shrink sleeves are pre-cut to fit the product being packaged. Shrink tubing is often made from PVC of Polyethylene. Tubing made from PVC is often used for retail packaging longer objects while polyethylene tubing is often used for packaging cases of liquids and canned products.

Hoxton industries- packaging-Solution

Centrefold Shrink

One of the most common types of shrink wrap for retail packaging. Centrefold shrink wrap is folded in half length-ways and placed on a roll. This allows users to slide the product being wrapped between the films, seal the open ends, and then apply heat. Centrefold shrink wrap is most commonly made from PVC and Polyolefin. Some suppliers do offer a Polyethylene centrefold shrink film.

Hoxton industries- packaging Solution1

Shrink Sleeves

Another very common type of shrink wrap for retail packaging. Shrink sleeves are often printed on and placed over bottles to brand products. Shrink sleeves often have a lower maximum shrink rate to keep from distorting printing. Preparing plates and design mock-ups can often be extensive as well as meeting required product minimums.

Hoxton industries- packaging Solution2

Author: George Boutros: Wrapping for your needs

Specialised Security Shredding

Shred it All!

Federally mandated Privacy Legislation requires businesses to destroy sensitive data rather than simply discard information. The privacy laws present organisations with an obligation and responsibility to dispose of sensitive data without improper disclosure. Organisations are vulnerable to litigation when personal records are not properly maintained and destroyed.

Paper VS Digital

Studies in 2015 show 1 in 5 breaches are still in fact paper, with 73% in house shredding. So Specialised security shredding is being neglected. Paper recycling is a service offered to those organisations that have non-sensitive office waste paper and are conscientious about the environmentally friendly removal of this product. All clean office waste paper collected is transported to our manufacturing plant for processing and recycling, but always recommend specialised security destruction.

hoxton papaer shredding

The 2014 Cyber Security Intelligence Index concluded that 95% of all security incidents involve human error. Partnering with a professional document destruction company with specialised security destruction helps to establish good document management processes. For example, locked consoles are supplied for confidential information that is no longer needed. Implementing a Shred-it all policy further reduces the risk of employee error because all documents must be securely shredded… and employees never have to decide what is or isn’t confidential

hoxton shredding

Rather than stockpiling electronics or throwing them into the garbage, old hard drives and e-media must be permanently destroyed. A professional document destruction company should provide these destruction services. A study showed that while 51% of companies have a policy for secure destruction of confidential documents, the policy doesn’t cover specialised security destruction.

hoxton disk shredding

Author: George Boutros; Keeping your business secure.

Is Secure Paper destruction Over?

40% of small business owners have no protocols in place for securing data – does your company?

Fines, reputation damage and loss of sales could cost your business millions. It seems that all you hear about these days is the risk of cyber data breaches. But the paperless office has yet to come, and there’s still a lot of sensitive information on paper in the workplace. Studies in 2015 show 1 in 5 breaches are still in fact paper, with 73% in house shredding. With companies that lack document security policies, employees lack direction and commitment for protecting confidential data. Tossing confidential data into open bins increases the risk of theft by information thieves – in and outside of the workplace. Shredding paper in house is not a reliable solution. With all these facts and figures, improper document management is a big problem.


What Is the Solution?

The solution is easy: Partner with a document destruction company like Hoxton Industries in the south west of Sydney. Hoxton Industries offers all secure paper cabinets, maintained regularly scheduled off site shredding.  At Hoxton Industries, secure document destruction is carried out by our professional and skilled employees, who take the utmost care to meet your confidential document destruction needs. You can view your document destruction at our secure site.


So whatever you call it – document shredding, record destruction, media destruction, confidential shredding or secure document shredding – we offer a prompt, secure, confidential, efficient and professional solution; with the capability to process up to 2 tonnes of material per day.

If you’re looking for efficient and secure document destruction, call us on (02) 9607 6159 today. For more info:

Author: Nicole Bruce is the General Manager of Hoxton Industries. She has over 14 years’ experience in product packaging and shrink wrap.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Discovering the Modern Sheltered Workshop

We are not supposed to call it a sheltered workshop anymore… it’s not politically correct. But if you are searching for a sub-contracting partner that’s probably the term you are going to search. The modern sheltered workshop is now known as an ADE (Australian Disability Enterprise) and the reasons for choosing to partner with an ADE have evolved just as much as the ADE’s themselves.

Smart Business

ADEs offer a wide variety of services that are often in high demand for businesses looking to outsource part of their workload. These services are often not part of your core business so it makes sense to sub contract them, freeing up your staffs valuable time for critical matters. These are things that ADEs specialise in like co packing, kitting, contract manufacturing and packaging, shrink wrapping, specialised security shredding and third party warehousing. And because there local business they are not only faster than an offshore option but also a lot more flexible.

Competitive Edge

Many businesses looking for a competitive edge choose to search for an ADE partner, but not for the reasons they used to. Business’ today use ADEs for a competitive edge that fits in with their corporate social responsibility. Using an ADE means you are providing a job to a person with disability, contributing to a great social cause and that’s worth bragging rights.  

So while the term sheltered workshop may be old hat, the idea behind it isn’t and the value in the model is there for business to benefit from for their triple bottom line.

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Nicole Bruce is the General Manager of Hoxton Industries. She has over 14 years’ experience in product packaging and shrink wrap.

How Cut2Shreds can Assist You to Conquer Archive File Clutter?

Does your archive room look like this?

Hoxton 6

Well, you’re not alone. Archive rooms like this exist across all business types and sizes. They take up valuable space and resources not to mention the dreaded thought of ever having to retrieve any information from one of those boxes! What if we told you we can solve all these headaches in 3 easy steps?

Keep the important stuff

Shredding is the easiest and most responsible way to deal with business records, but before we get to that you need to ascertain what has to be kept. All businesses vary depending on type and size of the business, the industry you are in and contract obligations. To ascertain exactly what you must keep and for how long visit and  Australian Privacy Principles .  However the following obligations generally apply;

  • All business records – 7 years
  • All financial records – 7 years
  • Employee records – 7 years or indefinitely
  • Safety records – indefinitely

Store it offsite

Once you have ascertained what can be sent for shredding and what has to be kept, you are still going to have a fair amount of records to file and keep.  Another great rule of thumb is to only keep 2 years of records handy and archive everything else.

So you now have your “indefinite” records and everything older than 2 years sorted and ready to be stored. Instead of taking up your business’s valuable floor space you can also consider storing this offsite. Did you know that Sydney commercial rent can be upwards of $100 per m2? How many metres of floor space are your archives taking up and is that space that could be better utilised to generate income for your business?  Well at Cut 2 Shreds we also over an archive storage service, which is fully secured and monitored. Contact us here to find out more.

Shred the rest

And then comes the easy part – shred the rest! At Cut2Shreds our shredding service can make short work of your archive documents no matter the volume. We will shred everything from 1 archive box all the way through to 1000’s of archive boxes. We have experience undertaking shredding services to a number of local businesses including doctors, schools, accountants and tradesman. To view the full range of our shredding services visit our website.

Hoxton 7

So there it is, as easy as 1, 2, 3 – sort it, store it, shred it. No more archive room nightmares!

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Nicole Bruce is the General Manager of Hoxton Industries. She has over 7 years’ experience in secure document shredding.