Sydney Packaging: How to Get Ahead in a Competitive Market

It’s what’s on the inside that counts” might be a phrase you have heard again and again. When finding a compatible partner that may be but when it comes to surviving in a competitive retail market that may not be the case. No matter how great your product might be, it’s first impressions that count, these first impressions are what draws people to buy your product over your competitors.

Sydney Packaging Company

Your packaging needs to be loud, attractive and unique to attract attention and potential customers as well as being practical for housing and protecting your product. There is a wide variety of packaging options to choose from. Outsourcing your packaging needs to an experienced Sydney packaging company can be the easiest and most efficient option for you.

Here are some of the options that a Sydney packaging company can offer you…

Clamshell packaging is a popular solution used in retail it offers your product a high level of protection while offering a see through packaging option to show off your product. Clamshell packaging also allows for you to put in a header card with information about your product so you can show off your product while keeping functionality. Clamshell packaging is especially popular in the Sydney packaging market for items such as hardware and electronics.

Skin packaging
Skin packaging is called this because it is done by putting special transparent plastic over your product and vacuuming the air out, with the plastic essentially becoming a skin over your product. This, once again, provides you with a transparent protective layer, so your product is safe but can be seen by customers. This is another good retail solution that offers you a very high level of protection.

Shelf ready packaging
This has become increasingly popular in the Sydney packaging market as supermarkets are increasingly leaning towards the use of shelf ready packaging. This solution is a cost effective way of packaging your products and also a good way to promote your product through the use of logos and graphics on your shelf ready packaging. Shelf ready packaging is also a good solution to minimize rubbish and help the environment by recycling.

Hoxton has been operating as a Sydney packaging company for over 40 years. Within close proximity to the M7 and M5 and experienced staff, it is a choice that ensures that you can have a close relationship that puts expert knowledge into practice.. Check out the Facebook and Website for more information.

Author: Arielle Jones, helping you get ahead of the market


Why do Major Retailers Demand Shelf Ready?

Shelf ready packaging is a demand for retailers such as Aldi, Coles and Woolworths. In the retail market it is important for your business to keep up with the changing standards that are placed on your packaging and image. So let’s talk about some of the benefits that shelf ready packaging offers your business and why the retailers are demanding Shelf Ready Packaging.

Why do major retailers demand shelf ready

Labor saving on the majors!
Shelf ready packaging means that your products come in a ready to shelf and display. As this carton is already ready to be put on the shelf, you will reduce the time spent replenishing the stock. With shelf ready packaging the retailer’s employee will only have to remove the previous carton and will no longer have to unpack cartons and pack the shelves with individual products.

With this ability to quickly replenish your stocks, Shelf Ready Packaging proves itself as both a convenient method and a cost effective method. Less time spent stocking shelves may mean your employees can be on the floor assisting customers or performing other important tasks.

Easy for consumers and employee’s
Shelf ready packaging means that your products are easily visible to customers. This means that the brand is easily visible to the customers which will benefit suppliers as they can put branding messages on the cartons. This can be a benefit to your business as it helps the customers in your store find what they want with increased ease.

If your shelves look like the above picture, with shelf ready packaging that has logo’s and large branding then customers can easily find the particular product they are looking for. There is nothing worse than pushing around a trolley in frustration, looking for someone who is free that can help you find what you need. Shelf ready packaging can help lead to happy customers through these large logo’s and branding that will help the customer locate what they are looking for.

Easy Disposal
Shelf ready packaging also allows for easy computer disposal. While you may have previously had to separate and dismantle products and their packaging and been left with a mountain of rubbish, shelf ready packaging is easily dismountable and recyclable.

Shelf ready packaging is mostly cardboard cartons that can be made from sustainable packaging solution. These cardboard cartons are also perforated, easy to open and therefore easy to dismantle. There are many services that then offer pick up of these recyclable materials. This makes Shelf ready packaging and more environmentally sustainable and easier solution for your business and environment.

Who can offer me this Shelf Ready Packaging
Here at Hoxton Industries we offer a wide variety of Sydney packaging services. We have been providing packaging services for over 40 years and can offer your Shelf ready packaging services along with many other packaging services. Make sure to check out our Facebook and Website for more information.

Get Shelf Ready, Sydney Packaging – Hoxton

Packaging is constantly changing and evolving so it’s important for you to keep up to date on the latest packaging trends. It is important for you to know what packaging your retailer prefers. Shelf ready packaging is a packaging method that has been booming in Sydney, with many major department stores preferring this method.

Get Shelf Ready, Sydney Packaging - Hoxton

Shelf ready packaging had a multitude of benefits. Some of these include.

Shelf ready packaging can enhance the visibility of your product, making it more attractive and pulling to customers. Shelf ready packaging allows for a large canvas for you to use creatively and to market your product. By having a large surface to decorate, by using the right colours and imagery, this method of packaging can draw in customers.

Shelf ready packaging makes it easy for the retailer to both stock and disposes of the product. With your products being on a shelf ready box, it is convenient for the workers to stock boxes of multiple products on the shelf rather than one by one. This also adds an extra level of protection as shelf ready packaging is often larger, easy to carry and results in less dropping of products. It also is convenient to dispose of and much better for the environment than plastic packaging.

Shelf ready packaging is booming in Sydney to it is time for you to find the right service. You want to find a service that is experienced, accessible and offers competitive prices. If you are shopping around for the right company to complete your shelf ready packaging in Sydney then look no further than Hoxton.

Hoxton is a Sydney packaging services that can offer you shelf ready packaging, and many different kinds of packaging and re-work. They are conveniently located next to Sydney’s M5 and M7 so transport of your goods will be easy and timely. With Hoxton’s experience and hard working team, they can meet all of your shelf ready packaging needs while working to your deadlines.

Author: Arielle, keeping your packaging methods on trend.

The Future of Packaging: Get Shelf Ready!

Shelf ready packaging (SRP) is on the rise as an extremely popular form of packaging, you might even say it’s the future of packaging..


Stores such as Woolworths and Coles have been adopting shelf ready packaging and increasing its volume as it proves to be an effective and efficient packaging solution.

So what is shelf ready packaging

Shelf ready packaging means the product is packed in to a box that is ready to shelf and sell. Shelf ready packaging is easier to restock, dispose of and can assist in the projection of your brands imagery.

What makes SRP the future..

This method of packaging is increasingly popular do to its efficiency. Shelf ready packaging is favoured by stores due to its easy stocking and disposal. This means that stores can stock your product by the box instead of individually, saving time for the store. This also can equate to reduced losses in your products as they are not being individually handled.

Shelf ready packaging is favoured by suppliers as it allows for them to promote their product and attract an audience through an increased visibility and a large canvas for your eye catching designs. Shelf ready packaging allows for increased visibility with a large canvas to work with. More elaborate colour schemes and graphics can attract your customers and seal the deal!

Who can provide me with shelf ready packaging..

The future is moving closer and shelf ready packaging is increasingly popular, so if you think that this is a packaging method that you want, you’ll need to find a reliable packaging company. Whether you’re new to shelf ready packaging or just looking for a new packaging service, trustworthy and reliable service is what you need.

Hoxton Industries has been assisting companies with their packaging needs for over 40 years. Hoxton is experienced and reliable. With close access to the M7 and M5, Hoxton Industries is a strong choice. You can check out their website and Facebook for contact information.

Author: Arielle Jones, Keeping you up with the future of packaging…

Shelf Ready Packaging is Growing in Australia, In Fact, Has Overtaken – Hoxton

Be Shelf Ready

Retailers continue to push into this area. All the large big retailers insist that all packaging be shelf ready. Packaging provides their business with benefits such as better on-shelf availability through the better stock rotation and reduced waste. Shelf ready packaging Sydney has become a standard and design teams from several Australian packaging Companies specifically design new ways to display these products. As more and more products are being introduced to the market every year, displaying and marketing the products on the shelves is fast becoming a nightmare not just for the retailers but also for manufacturers, therefore, to address this issue various Australian packaging companies have turned to shelf ready packaging.


Advantages of SRP

Various Australian packaging manufacturers also cited that shelf ready packaging is easy to dispose, easy to open and provides easy identification especially for products with numerous stock keeping units (SKU), not to mention how easy it is for outlets to rotate and replenish the display. Other benefits that shelf friendly packaging gives as is it requires no additional corrugated case and being fully recyclable this greatly reduces carbon footprints and lesser waste to landfills which is beneficial to the environment. Three major ones are time saved in stocking shelves and warehousing costs (which help retailers) and more colourful displays (benefiting both retailers and manufacturers), or point of sale displays.

Who, How & Where?

When considering retail ready packaging for your products, it is beneficial to refer to the established notes, rules and regulations from retailers for shelf ready packaging. These are factors as, are they easy to identify? Is it easy to open? Is it easy to put on the shelves? Does it dispose easily? If this is too much to take in, partner with a company like Hoxton Industries who have dealt with shelf ready packaging since 2005, when SRP all began. Hoxton Industries is located in Sydney South West. Specialising in maximising all your needs, offering a solution to all your packaging, rework and manufacturing. 

George Boutros; Marketing and Business Development at Hoxton IndustriesHelping companies maximise efficiency in packaging solutions with shelf ready packaging.


The Shelf Ready Packaging Dilemma

What is Shelf Ready Packaging?
Shelf ready packaging, SRP, retail ready packaging , RRP, shelf friendly packaging, SFP……. it all basically means the same – packaging your product so that it is delivered to retailers in a ready to sell format. For example rather than sending your product out in a bulk carton of 24 units that then need to be individually handled and stacked on the shelf, shelf ready packaging is the way of packaging the product into a carton or outer shell that ends up on the shelf as part of the display, eliminating the need for the shelf packer to handle individual units.

Shelf Ready Packaging

What are the Benefits?
Savvy marketers and early adopters quickly realised that these shelf ready packaging units where another opportunity to get your brand and product messages across. This tray was no longer just the cardboard used to protect the goods in transit, it was also now part of the products packaging and brand messaging. It is commonplace now to see vibrant SRP trays and units which are forming part of the eye appeal for products and there are some really clever designs which I firmly believe are still evolving.

So in short the benefits for the retailers are less handling of products and more vibrant shelf displays and shopping environments which in turn drive sales. In fact some supermarkets now, not just the bulk retailers, are insisting that all suppliers move to shelf friendly packaging. The benefits to you the supplier are the additional marketing opportunity and shelf eye space you have been given – don’t waste it!

Where do I start?
First of all get a copy of your retailer’s shelf ready packaging guidelines. Each retailer is different and you will need to make sure you adhere to them. There might be stipulations such as the size of the carton, how much of the product should be covered by the bottom lip and even what materials are preferred.

Next go to your retailer and have a look at the shelf space you intend on occupying. What are your competitors doing? Stand back – what is the most eye appealing item there and why? How do you want your packaging sit amongst all the others? You also need to consider are your customers loyal purchasers looking for your key brand messages or are you trying to attract new buyers who are looking for something innovative?

And then perhaps most importantly make sure your packaging designers consider the stability and sturdiness of your packaging for transport and movement prior to it landing on the shelf. There is no point and spending all your time and money on a beautiful packaging design if it arrives in a crumpled mess after being loading on and off trucks and placed in and out of pallet racking.

Your next step will be looking for a co-packer to assist with your shelf ready packaging in Sydney. And that’s where we come in – at Hoxton Industries we have had years of experience with assisting large and small companies with the shelf ready packaging projects. From carton displays, shrink wrapping trays, hot gluing wobblers and even assembling complex pallet size displays, we can assist no matter what your requirement is and we are only too happy to share our experience and industry knowledge – see you at the shelf!