When to Establish a Co Packer Partnership?

Getting Busy?
So your business is booming and you are limited on time, resources and at a dead end. You are concerned about marketing, staffing, logistics, and all other cost’s and what direction to go in. We have a solution. A contract packer, or co-packer, is a company that manufactures and packages foods or similar products for their clients. To market and distribute, a co packer works under contract with the hiring company to manufacture goods as though the products were manufactured directly by the hiring company. Co-packers are married to your product. They make it for you. They heat up the kettle, preheat the oven, and package it. And some of them even do all of the ordering of your ingredients. That’s an incredible amount of control for your company. Putting that much trust into a team can be a frightening experience. And a relationship you don’t want to jeopardise. But when it flows right you will kick yourself for not doing it earlier.


Why are co packers beneficial to me?
Partnerships with co packers can be effortless, especially if they don’t need a guarantee of volume, this might be hard to find. Hoxton Industries in Sydney is one that will not discriminate on volume. You don’t need large equipment costs or trouble yourself with staffing as these are already taken care of. Going with a co-packer allows you to focus on selling and building a brand. If your brand is planning to extend into many varieties of products that require a similar process, the investment in partnering with a co packer will be manageable and you will have the ability to bring new products to market very quickly and relatively inexpensively. You will dictate the terms and lead times, maximising productivity, costing and structure. This model is more attractive to help free up valuable time to concentrate on keeping the company well established in marketing and other channels, not to mention the headaches.

Where and who can do this in Sydney?
Hoxton Industries, located in the south west of Sydney has been co packing for over 50 years. No matter how large or small your job is they can do it all. Have an understanding for requirements needed for major retailers across Australia. Employing people with disabilities and are a non for profit social enterprise. The best partnerships are the ones that make thing easy.

Author: George Boutros General manager The co packing expert.


3 Benefits of Contract Packaging Services

You’ve come up with a brilliant product and you’re ready to put it out there in to the world. Before you put your product up for sale there is one very important thing to consider… it’s packaging!

Packaging can sometimes be make or break for the product. Packaging offers a way to enhance the visual appeal of your product as well as offer important protection against damage and tampering.

So now you need to find the right person to carry out your packaging. Here are 3 benefits of choosing a contract packaging service..

A contract packaging service will be knowledgeable in many different sorts of packaging. They can help you choose the right packaging for your product to ensure maximum visibility and protection as well as practicality. With lots of experience with packaging under their belt they can offer you a quality controlled and time efficient service.

A contract packaging service will be a professional service with policies and procedures in place that are tried and tested in order to make sure that your product is packaged at the best quality. With quality assurance processes, you can rest assured that with a contract packaging service, your product is in safe and reliable hands. A good contract packaging service will also offer you a consultative relationship, so that you can see the production line in action and raise any issues that you may have.

A contract packaging service is a convenient option for you as they have all the necessary tools and knowledge to complete your packaging needs effectively. A contract packaging service can offer you a convenient consultative relationship that allows you to see your finished product before it goes to stores. A good option for a contract packaging service is one that also offers re-work services as well as packaging for optimum convenience.

If you are looking to find all these things in a contract packaging service then look no further than Hoxton. Hoxton is a packaging service with over 40 years of experience. With strong quality processes in place, friendly service and a convenient location near Sydney’s M5 and M7, they are a strong choice. Check out the Facebook and Website here.
Author: Arielle, making sure you achieve quality packaging.