Handling Your E-waste: Be Smart, Be Safe

We are living in an age where the consumption of technology is constantly increasing. We rely on technology for our jobs, for entertainment and for communication. We rely on technology in so many aspects of our lives that it can be important to have up to date technologies. This means that the turnover of technology such as computers is high, and they need to be disposed of correctly.

Ewaste Computer Disposal

If society does not manage their disposal of these technologies properly then they may end up in land fill, polluting out environment with potentially toxic substances and non-biodegradable plastics. It is our responsibility as consumers of technology to make sure that computer disposal is done safely and by professionals.

Having your computer disposal carried out by professionals is better for the environment but it also ensures your privacy is kept. Whether your computer is for personal use and has information related to your finances, health etc or they are for company use and has delicate information related to your companies running and your employee information, it is important to make sure that this is handled properly. By using a computer disposal service, you will ensure that your hard drives and computers and wiped of all information to keep your private information just that, private.

Here at Hoxton we provide high quality computer disposal and e-waste services that make sure your information is kept private and the computer parts are recycled and toxic matter is handled with knowledge and care. Hoxton works with disadvantaged individuals to help them enter the job market and get them skilled up. Hoxton employs people with disabilities and with barriers to employment, so you know that the work that you provide Hoxton is going to a cause that helps motivated, hardworking Australians.

Author; Arielle Jones, keeping your e-waste safe and private


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