Sydney Packaging: How to Get Ahead in a Competitive Market

It’s what’s on the inside that counts” might be a phrase you have heard again and again. When finding a compatible partner that may be but when it comes to surviving in a competitive retail market that may not be the case. No matter how great your product might be, it’s first impressions that count, these first impressions are what draws people to buy your product over your competitors.

Sydney Packaging Company

Your packaging needs to be loud, attractive and unique to attract attention and potential customers as well as being practical for housing and protecting your product. There is a wide variety of packaging options to choose from. Outsourcing your packaging needs to an experienced Sydney packaging company can be the easiest and most efficient option for you.

Here are some of the options that a Sydney packaging company can offer you…

Clamshell packaging is a popular solution used in retail it offers your product a high level of protection while offering a see through packaging option to show off your product. Clamshell packaging also allows for you to put in a header card with information about your product so you can show off your product while keeping functionality. Clamshell packaging is especially popular in the Sydney packaging market for items such as hardware and electronics.

Skin packaging
Skin packaging is called this because it is done by putting special transparent plastic over your product and vacuuming the air out, with the plastic essentially becoming a skin over your product. This, once again, provides you with a transparent protective layer, so your product is safe but can be seen by customers. This is another good retail solution that offers you a very high level of protection.

Shelf ready packaging
This has become increasingly popular in the Sydney packaging market as supermarkets are increasingly leaning towards the use of shelf ready packaging. This solution is a cost effective way of packaging your products and also a good way to promote your product through the use of logos and graphics on your shelf ready packaging. Shelf ready packaging is also a good solution to minimize rubbish and help the environment by recycling.

Hoxton has been operating as a Sydney packaging company for over 40 years. Within close proximity to the M7 and M5 and experienced staff, it is a choice that ensures that you can have a close relationship that puts expert knowledge into practice.. Check out the Facebook and Website for more information.

Author: Arielle Jones, helping you get ahead of the market


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