Shrink Wrapping is Helping Sydney’s Companies get on the Retail Shelf

Retailers demand and Shelf ready?
Shrink packaging is one of the most popular forms of packaging for several reasons. (We are not talking about your Psychiatrists ending a session).One of the main reasons is cost. Compared to other forms of packaging, shrink wrapping is often much more affordable and often times more efficient. Another reason is the attractive appeal to the consumer on the retail shelf. To maximise space, maximising on cost and shelf appeal makes it the new way to package just about anything. All major retail outlets are moving or already have move into shelf ready. This can often be the cheapest and easiest ways to get into the major retailers. All retailers are conscious of labour cost in Australia and finding a Sydney packaging company that is aware of the retailer’s demand and regulations can be daunting.

Sydney Packaging solutions

Just Shrink it!
Heat shrink wrap in particular is a good wrapping material to use. It is used regularly to package all kinds of products. Everything from wrapping frozen pizzas to bundling hardware is easily bundled in heat shrink wrap; its thickness and durability help make it a safe and reliable solution to shipping needs, which in turn can make your overall shipping process more streamlined and efficient. Machines can be expensive so partner with a reputable Sydney packaging company that knows retailer’s demands.

A sexy shrinkage?
There are many other kinds of heat shrink wrap; but, of course, the particular form of shrink wrap you’re interested in will be largely determined by the kind of packaging you want to do. Unfortunately, finding a vendor that offers the various kinds of heat shrink wrap could be difficult and almost impossible within a Sydney packaging company. A vendor that has a proven record of delivering high levels of customer satisfaction is the one most likely to meet your needs and expectations. This is where Hoxton Industries comes in. Specialising in maximising all your needs, offering a solution to all your packaging, rework and manufacturing.

George Boutros; General Manager at Hoxton Industries.
Helping Sydney’s companies maximise efficiency in packaging solutions.


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