3 Steps to Ensuring Safe Container Unloading

When loading and unloading containers there are so many safety precautions and potential hazards that need to be considered. Your container is large, heavy and potentially dark. It is filled with products that could also be heavy or dangerous in the event of an accident. This is why it is important for you to be aware of the hazards that present themselves when container unloading, so here are a few.


Container placement and lighting
Container unloading hazards that could arise from the wrong container placement or lighting include container movement or slips, trips and falls due to lack of sufficient lighting. There are a few ways to ensure that you follow safe practices to avoid these hazards. This includes making sure that the container is placed in a solid, stable location and if unloading off a truck, the truck is stopped with its breaks on. These hazards can also be avoided by making sure there is sufficient lighting which could include the use of portable lighting.

Opening the container doors
When container unloading it is possible that the load inside may have moved around during transit and could potentially fall on someone when opening the door. To avoid any injury during this process it is important to use a door strap which will catch any falling items. It is then important to make sure you have a systematic plan to safely and efficiently unload the container.

Unpacking the container
Firstly, before you being container unloading, you should determine whether any of the product inside the container has moved around, to ensure the safety of your workers and minimize the risk of anything falling on top of anyone. It is important to secure the load if it is not already and make sure there is a secure ramp going to the container. Some ways to ensure safety when unpacking a container is to pack the loose items on to a pallet or to use a conveyer belt if unloading the container manually. Do not be afraid to stop and replan if it is not working.

You may be wondering how you are going to unload your container and achieve all of these safety precautions. This is why it is sometimes the best idea to outsource your container unloading to an experienced container unloading service.

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Author; Arielle Jones, making sure your hazards are managed

Why do Major Retailers Demand Shelf Ready?

Shelf ready packaging is a demand for retailers such as Aldi, Coles and Woolworths. In the retail market it is important for your business to keep up with the changing standards that are placed on your packaging and image. So let’s talk about some of the benefits that shelf ready packaging offers your business and why the retailers are demanding Shelf Ready Packaging.

Why do major retailers demand shelf ready

Labor saving on the majors!
Shelf ready packaging means that your products come in a ready to shelf and display. As this carton is already ready to be put on the shelf, you will reduce the time spent replenishing the stock. With shelf ready packaging the retailer’s employee will only have to remove the previous carton and will no longer have to unpack cartons and pack the shelves with individual products.

With this ability to quickly replenish your stocks, Shelf Ready Packaging proves itself as both a convenient method and a cost effective method. Less time spent stocking shelves may mean your employees can be on the floor assisting customers or performing other important tasks.

Easy for consumers and employee’s
Shelf ready packaging means that your products are easily visible to customers. This means that the brand is easily visible to the customers which will benefit suppliers as they can put branding messages on the cartons. This can be a benefit to your business as it helps the customers in your store find what they want with increased ease.

If your shelves look like the above picture, with shelf ready packaging that has logo’s and large branding then customers can easily find the particular product they are looking for. There is nothing worse than pushing around a trolley in frustration, looking for someone who is free that can help you find what you need. Shelf ready packaging can help lead to happy customers through these large logo’s and branding that will help the customer locate what they are looking for.

Easy Disposal
Shelf ready packaging also allows for easy computer disposal. While you may have previously had to separate and dismantle products and their packaging and been left with a mountain of rubbish, shelf ready packaging is easily dismountable and recyclable.

Shelf ready packaging is mostly cardboard cartons that can be made from sustainable packaging solution. These cardboard cartons are also perforated, easy to open and therefore easy to dismantle. There are many services that then offer pick up of these recyclable materials. This makes Shelf ready packaging and more environmentally sustainable and easier solution for your business and environment.

Who can offer me this Shelf Ready Packaging
Here at Hoxton Industries we offer a wide variety of Sydney packaging services. We have been providing packaging services for over 40 years and can offer your Shelf ready packaging services along with many other packaging services. Make sure to check out our Facebook and Website for more information.