Be Inspired To Sell Your Product – Retail Packaging Solutions

The facts and figures are in! Colours, patterns, space, simple, playful, bold, style, modern, texture and bright. Other major factors are multiple purpose and sneak- peek.


Sneak peek? Yes the consumers are more likely to be attracted to the product that they can feel, pick up and see. Not the old plastic stuff you are thinking about but SKIN PACKAGING.


We have all seen it on TV, mostly for food and “sous vide” cooking at a Michelin star restaurant. This Sydney skin packaging is a little bit different. Any item placed on a cardboard and vacuum sealed to show off your item.

Just Amazing

The purpose of packaging, ultimately what sells your product! It draws attention, sends a message, and makes consumers feel a certain way, boldly screams out and always catches you eye first.


The packaging cost is in the billions per year. Insane competitions and latest designs capturing consumer’s eye and making them want a product. From sustainable packaging to creative designs, from environment friendly to graphic designs. The competitions are fierce, competitive and never ending year after year.

Big, Bold & Colourful

It’s not hard to see why our shelves have so much colour and character. If it be a cartoon character or pretty rainbow packaged box, it all has so much appeal. Targeting all types of consumers, from young to old, big and bold, whatever it takes to capture your eyes first.

Where in Sydney can I do this Packaging?

Not many places at all offer this service in Australia. It has always been done offshore. The name you can trust is Hoxton Industries. Located conveniently in south west Sydney. Cheap, affordable but yet Bold, and convenient on the retail shelf.

Author: George Boutros; Looking after all Sydney Packaging headaches.


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