How Security Shredding Benefits Your Business

As a business you will have confidential information, whether it be employee information or information related to your finances, products etc. If you are just throwing these documents in to a bin, this could leave you open to the theft of information and could hurt your business.

Don’t let the idea of your information being stolen stress you out when there is a simple solution. Specialised security shredding is one of the safest and most efficient ways to dispose of your companies private documents.

Specialised security shredding for your business means…


  • Privacy
  • Professionalism
  • Risk free disposal

Privacy :

Specialised security shredding will ensure the privacy of all your important and confidential information. This means that any information related to your business is kept within your company and is not easily susceptible to theft.

Professionalism : :
Specialised security shredding is a service that your company can outsource to another company that are experts in this field. Outsourcing your security shredding to expert services works to ensure this privacy is kept, with professional and efficient destruction procedures being followed.

Risk Free Disposal :
Outsourcing your security shredding to a company that prides itself on this professionalism means you are eliminating risks that you could face if you were to dispose of your documents in house. If you work in a busy environment where security shredding is not one of your main focus’ of your business, you could risk documents being missed or not disposed of in the most secure fashion.

This is why outsourcing is the most reliable way to get your documents or media securely destroyed.

So who can get this done for you?

Hoxton Industries employs a team of skilled workers who specialise in security shredding and can destroy your documents and media promptly, efficiently and safely. Hoxton Industries can offer pick up services for your documents or they can be delivered to our site.

Check out our website or call (02) 9607 6159 to talk to us about your security shredding needs.


Author: Arielle Jones; Helping keep your business safe