Why First Impressions of Your Packaging Matters


Have you ever had those times where the packaging on something is just too cute or too cool and you don’t want to throw it out? That is the kind of effect that your packaging should have in order to maximise the consumption of your product. The packaging of your product is often the first thing your customer will see and can often be a make or break factor is whether the customer will gravitate towards and purchase your product.

Packaging solution

This is why thinking about what retail packaging solutions you use is so important. The colours, shape and materials used for your packaging can have a significant effect on catching the customer’s eye.  First impressions mean that split second decision as to whether you pick up that new product or go and buy that pack of razors that you buy every time.

Creating that lasting first impression

Memorable packaging! To create that first impression that will hook your customer you need to settle on a retail packaging solution that is eye catching. You can create an eye catching product through the colours, designs and shapes of your packaging. If you make your packaging loud then you can create a memorable first impression of your product and create interest in your product. If you decide to go with kitting your products, this can also add more to the packaging with the contrasts that can go in to a design meant for multiple products.

Memorable products! If you want to really showcase your product and generate interest, you could use shrink wrapping or skin packing as your retail packaging solution. This creates a clear barrier of packaging to protect your product and allows for customers to see the shape and design of your product. You can make the product itself bold and modern or loud and colourful while having a packaging solution that allows customers to really see and know your product. With something like shrink wrapping customers can see exactly what makes your product stand apart from the rest.

Some retail packaging solutions to choose from

packaging solution1packaging solution2

  • Skin packaging
  • Shrink wrapping
  • Clamshell packaging
  • Kitting
  • Bagging / Heat sealing / Header cards

Where to find these solutions

To decide on a retail packaging solution that is for you, sometimes you need a little help from a company experienced in packaging. Here at Hoxton Industries we have over 60 years of experience and can help you decide on and deliver the right retail packaging solution for your product. With a team that takes great pride in their work and a convenient location for you to access (near both the m5 and m7), Hoxton Industries is a good choice. You can check out the services offered and find contact information on the Hoxton Industries website.

Author: Arielle Jones, making your first impressions count