Get your Documents Secured Without Taking Risk

When it gets too high

When old, unwanted documents begin to pile up and office space becomes limited, it’s time to clean.

Document shredding hoxton

No matter the size or the type of your business – is just the start of a journey in the search of the most suitable service for your needs.  A Shredding Service for the destruction of sensitive documents has approved to the security level of “In Confidence”. The procedures of how your documentation is stored, transported, destroyed, should be cleared by the National Police.

Document shredding hoxton1

Types of Document Risks

Protection of personal data must be ensured because this can put the position and financial situation of the person concerned at risk. These documents involve confidential data that is restricted to a small group of people. Unwarranted giving out of information can bring a significant effect on the company and could violate legal agreements and obligations. These documents require strict requirements in terms of personal data protection to keep the individual concerned free from considerable risks to social standing and financial situation.

Document shredding hoxton2

High level of protection because of the confidentiality of data involved. Access to information requires authorization and is limited to a very small group of individuals with only. Unauthorized distribution of information can create serious consequences for the company and may infringe professional secrecy, contracts or legislation.

You may not realise this but when you throw your documents in the garbage, you are causing harm to the environment. Partnering with a company that destroys securely should have some recycled plan in place to avoid harm.

Document shredding hoxton3

Author: George Boutros, Protecting your identity


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