Is Secure Paper destruction Over?

40% of small business owners have no protocols in place for securing data – does your company?

Fines, reputation damage and loss of sales could cost your business millions. It seems that all you hear about these days is the risk of cyber data breaches. But the paperless office has yet to come, and there’s still a lot of sensitive information on paper in the workplace. Studies in 2015 show 1 in 5 breaches are still in fact paper, with 73% in house shredding. With companies that lack document security policies, employees lack direction and commitment for protecting confidential data. Tossing confidential data into open bins increases the risk of theft by information thieves – in and outside of the workplace. Shredding paper in house is not a reliable solution. With all these facts and figures, improper document management is a big problem.


What Is the Solution?

The solution is easy: Partner with a document destruction company like Hoxton Industries in the south west of Sydney. Hoxton Industries offers all secure paper cabinets, maintained regularly scheduled off site shredding.  At Hoxton Industries, secure document destruction is carried out by our professional and skilled employees, who take the utmost care to meet your confidential document destruction needs. You can view your document destruction at our secure site.


So whatever you call it – document shredding, record destruction, media destruction, confidential shredding or secure document shredding – we offer a prompt, secure, confidential, efficient and professional solution; with the capability to process up to 2 tonnes of material per day.

If you’re looking for efficient and secure document destruction, call us on (02) 9607 6159 today. For more info:

Author: Nicole Bruce is the General Manager of Hoxton Industries. She has over 14 years’ experience in product packaging and shrink wrap.


Sydney’s Packaging is Stunning, Creative & Insane!

The purpose of packaging, ultimately what sells your product! It draws attention, sends a message, and makes consumers feel a certain way, boldly screams out and always catches your eye first.

The packaging cost, is in the billions per year.” Sustainable packaging”,” environmentally friendly” the package says. Does the consumer really care? Research has shown that this is added value to the product but not the main sell point. Yearly creative competitions are held in Packaging. From Sustainable packaging to Creative designs, from environment friendly to graphic designs. The competitions are fierce, competitive and never ending year after year.

Sydney Packaging1

What are consumers buying?

The facts and figures are in! Colours, patterns, space, simple, playful, bold, style, modern, texture and bright. Other major factors are multiple purpose and sneak- peak.

Sneak Peak? Yes the consumers are more likely to be attracted to the product that they can feel, pick up and see. Not the old plastic stuff you are thinking about but SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING.

We have all seen it on TV, mostly for food and “sous vide” cooking at a Michelin star restaurant. This Sydney skin packaging is a little bit different. Any item placed on a cardboard and vacuum sealed to show off your item.

Sydney Packaging

Where in Sydney can I do this Packaging?

Not many places at all offer this service in Australia. It has always been done offshore. The name you can trust is Hoxton Industries. Located conveniently in south west Sydney. Cheap, affordable but yet Bold, and convenient on the retail shelf.

Author: George Boutros; Looking after all Sydney’s Packaging headaches