Corporate Social Responsibility and Discovering the Modern Sheltered Workshop

We are not supposed to call it a sheltered workshop anymore… it’s not politically correct. But if you are searching for a sub-contracting partner that’s probably the term you are going to search. The modern sheltered workshop is now known as an ADE (Australian Disability Enterprise) and the reasons for choosing to partner with an ADE have evolved just as much as the ADE’s themselves.

Smart Business

ADEs offer a wide variety of services that are often in high demand for businesses looking to outsource part of their workload. These services are often not part of your core business so it makes sense to sub contract them, freeing up your staffs valuable time for critical matters. These are things that ADEs specialise in like co packing, kitting, contract manufacturing and packaging, shrink wrapping, specialised security shredding and third party warehousing. And because there local business they are not only faster than an offshore option but also a lot more flexible.

Competitive Edge

Many businesses looking for a competitive edge choose to search for an ADE partner, but not for the reasons they used to. Business’ today use ADEs for a competitive edge that fits in with their corporate social responsibility. Using an ADE means you are providing a job to a person with disability, contributing to a great social cause and that’s worth bragging rights.  

So while the term sheltered workshop may be old hat, the idea behind it isn’t and the value in the model is there for business to benefit from for their triple bottom line.

To discuss your outsourcing needs contact us on 02 9607 6159 or visit our website for more information

Nicole Bruce is the General Manager of Hoxton Industries. She has over 14 years’ experience in product packaging and shrink wrap.


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