Save In More ways with Sustainable Packaging


Plant-based plastics
Plant-based plastics lead the way in showing the industry that efficient production of plastics from renewable sources is possible. Coca-Cola, Nestle and Nike set in collaboration together aimed at setting standards for the guiding and developing of plant-based plastics derived from feedstocks like corn and sugarcane in 2013. Bio-based plastics and product manufacturing trends show a lot of potential. While I’m excited to see where the growth of bioplastics, where will it end up taking us, I also hope leaders in the sustainable packaging world agree with my concerns moving forward through 2016.

Hoxton3This may help prove that our dependence on petroleum-derived plastics, that it isn’t as hard-set as we once thought.  We have a few of these facilities that are even equipped to process these bioplastics. Biodegradable and supposedly compostable plastics often have to be processed in an industrial facility to fully decompose.  So who will step up and help us save what is most important. Is Sustainable packaging and Bio based plastics here to stay for good?



Lightweight Packaging
The benefits of lightweight packaging seem clear enough: reduced material and manufacturing costs, reduced environmental impacts from transportation and potentially less waste bound for landfills. Retail giants are reducing consumables consistently. Consumers see this as paying more for less product….. Are these giants really trying to save us or just pocketing more money into the bank? Sustainable Packaging has to be on the number 1 priority moving forward to help us save the environment, lives and dollars.

George Boutros, Marketing and Business Development at Hoxton Industries. Caring about what tomorrow will bring us with sustainable packaging.


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